Client: Jinn

Industry: Logistics & Distribution / Recruitment

Background: Jinn, an on-demand recruitment delivery company (similar to Deliveroo), desperately needed courier drivers in the lead up to Christmas. Demand was on the rise and the press weren’t being kind to delivery companies, making employment as a courier seem less appealing than ever before.

Target: Our target was 500 applicants in 5 weeks.

Digital Willow approach: We used a selection of digital marketing channels to feed into a conversion funnel which we optimised at every step of the campaign.

Consumer insight: Optimising the landing page was also key to success, making the application form easy to fill in, especially on mobile devices.  We have discovered using historical data that our target audience of job seekers would be most likely to fill out the application from their mobile device.

So how did we do it?

  • To ensure we were reaching students as often as possible, we partnered with universities and student forums: including The Student Room Group (the UK’S largest student site) to be featured on their job vacancies pages. We designed a solus email that was sent out to a large database of students.
  • We used paid and organic social media and paid search to achieve the most volume of interest.
  • Proximity Marketing: As we were targeting students, we used to logic to show them our ads when they were close to university campuses and when they were near to internet cafes via GPS targeted ads on mobile devices.
  • eBay: We also partnered with eBay to show our adverts to cycling enthusiasts (based on behavioural data, such as those buying spare parts), coupled with those using iOS devices which delivered higher returns of applications.
  • Recruitment Sites: We did extensive research to find out the best sites used by students to post the vacancy upon. Some of the sites included: Student Job, Indeed and many more.


  • We completed the task as challenged, with 557 applicants (an extra 57 above our target).
  • We achieved an impressive 1.17% click through rate on our proximity marketing campaign.
  • As a bonus effect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans all increased.
  • Our client had enough couriers to deliver goods for the Christmas period.