Nowadays, launching a campaign means coordinating over a range of different communication channels at once. The more channels there are, the more challenging campaign management becomes and the more ground the marketing team will have to cover each day just to keep on top of it all. You may find that you don’t have the bandwidth to robustly manage your campaigns. With such a wide variety of metrics to consider, it is not uncommon to wonder which key performance indicators you should even be focusing on, as inevitably there isn’t time to do everything.

Outsourcing campaign management to an agency

A great agency (hint: Digital Willow!), will work as an extension of your team and turbocharge your campaign management and optimisation. You should expect to be inspired and challenged with new ideas and ways of improving your marketing efforts. How proactive is your current agency when it comes to campaign management and split testing?  Does your team have enough time to review the results and look at where to improve?

At Digital Willow we are strong believers that the devil is in the details. If you haven’t the time to be thoroughly analysing your marketing campaigns and existing data, then you are missing some key opportunities. Just in the Google platform alone, there are hundreds of different testing elements which can have a great impact on your ROI.

It’s no wonder that ‘by 2025, the global A/B testing software market is projected to be worth $1.08 billion’ (Truelist, 2022). Investing and testing such software is just another benefit that working with an agency can bring.

Not all agencies are created equal

We believe that there are nuggets of gold in your customer data and analytics tools that are just waiting to be discovered. However, digging into that data takes time and skill. It also demands a sophisticated understanding of your business goals, buyers’ journey and advertising platforms. In fact, the major difference we see in performance results across clients and industries can be traced back to two things; how were campaigns set up and what rigour and effort is invested in your campaign management and optimisation?

Partnering with the wrong agency team from the start can be a costly lesson to learn. Beware, not all agencies are created equal and like most things in this world, cheap doesn’t mean better. We have found time and time again, extra energy spent on testing and optimising can produce 10x the conversion rates and greatly improve qualified leads. This is also backed by many external reports, for example; ‘marketers and campaign managers who plan projects proactively are 356% more likely to report success’ (Oracle, 2022).

When you outsource your campaign management to our digital marketing team, you will be able to measure success in a clear and professional way. We expect only the highest level of performance from our staff and we promise to care as much about your business as you do.

If this sounds like the kind of support you need, get in touch and let’s improve your digital campaign performance asap.