Across 2014 & 2015, Digital Willow worked closely with Red Bull Media House UK & Austria to help them transform from a non-commercial entity into a sales property - as one of the outcomes, Red Bull Media House was able to create commercial partnerships with brands such as Adidas, Fox Studios, Paramount, Universal, Audi & Northface.

Digital Willow approach

Digital Willow took a role with Red Bull Media House similar to the one of a strategic consultant; commercial strategy, pricing, marketing, media formats and forming commercial partnerships were all part of the process Red Bull was guided through. Digital Willow helped forming commercial partnerships by aiding the creation of media packs that would entice advertisers into creating commercial partnerships with Red Bull at a high shelf value of €100,000+.

When creating these media packs:

- Digital Willow helped them implement adservers for their ad space.
- Digital Willow packaged their content nicely so it was accessible to sponsors and other brands.
- Digital Willow thought about who the media packs were going to and what we thought they would like to see in a good media pack.
- Digital Willow also assigned budget based on the importance of each product and what we were hoping to achieve.
- Digital Willow thought deeply about what would convince advertisers into creating partnerships despite the price.
- Regular communication for project updates are key to collaboration and trust.


A great deal of trust and respect grew over the working relationship as the contract extended. Digital Willow was then asked to represent Media House in the marketplace; this included helping them find appropriate partners and advise them on how to package digital media deals that covered their website, YouTube channel and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). As a result, Red Bull had to hire more internal staff to keep up and became known as an international entity.