Client: Subba-Cultcha

Industry: Entertainment


Subba-Cultcha is a music and entertainment review site for everyone that has been to a recent concert or festival and has something to say about it. It was an unknown brand with little to zero money for paid advertising. One of Digital Willow’s greatest challenges was generating awareness and reaching out to potential followers for them.

DW Approach

  • We tactically chose to tease the audience on Twitter and Facebook with a taster of the content & put the rest of the content on the website, which in turn encouraged the audience to click onto the website.
  • To ensure we were always on the front of the customers’ minds we frequently posted content. It is a fact that content with an image has a higher. engagement rate, so we made sure all of the content that we posted had a captivating image.
  • We used programmatic advertising which resulted in a cost-per-click (CPC) of lower than £1.
  • We drew crowds in by making competition announcements on social media channels.
  • We retweeted popular posts to draw other people that liked that post.
  • We included Twitter-handles to directly interact with customers/people.


We generated 64,000+ followers and in turn, drove hundreds of new visits to the website every week.