4Life Direct is a provider of simplified and guaranteed insurance options, aggregating policies across Europe for end consumers. The company’s model is customer-centric; making insurance accessible for all. Following a successful 4-month trial period, 4Life extended their contract with Digital Willow to execute digital marketing services; this included email marketing, marketing automation, CRM management, landing page creation, campaign implementations, CTA management, forms management, media buying, and monitoring and reporting.

4Life offer insurance across Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Greece. Digital Willow’s mission was to create quality inbound leads across all five countries that would be followed up by the local sales team and turned in profit.

Digital Willow approach

One of the strategies that Digital Willow used was implementing Hubspot. Hubspot is a powerful piece of technology when used to its capacity. A tactic (of many) we employed to create a means of nurturing leads as they arrive on the website. We tested the best combination and found that at the beginning of our relationship with a prospect, offering free content such as an e-book proved valuable. In return for the valuable content, we received their name and email and the permission to market to them on a regular basis.

Having analysed the customer journey of 4Life, we realised that the need to improve the customers’ experience, making it easier for them to become a customer. Our nurture workflow did exactly that, slowly nursing the lead along a journey designed to maximise conversion. This journey involved several steps, starting with the lead form; it ended with offering the customer a year’s worth of coverage on a 4Life product for free if prior attempts to convert did not work. 

To kick start this process it was important for us to get all stakeholders on the same page. We did this by running a workshop where we analysed who the perfect customer was, their behavioural traits and then plotting out their path to purchase. We included everyone from the CEO to the salespeople in this process, helping to give the organisation a refreshed focus and energy.


Looking at the results, 4Life Direct International received many more quality inbound leads after Digital Willow’s intervention.

  • When we look at the cost per lead (CPL) percentage, for example, we can see that has been a large overall decrease. Poland had a CPL of just under £58 in 2017; this decreased to just over £11 in 2018, indicating a decrease of over 80%. This means that for the same investment in April 2018, 4Life was able to get over 5 times as many quality leads than it did in April 2017.
  • Our varied approach also caused the quality inbound leads to generally increase across the 5 countries. With the amount of leads increasing more than 150% on average in each country (more than 626% in Poland!). However, we didn’t just provide 4Life with a better return on investment. We also managed to grow the amount of leads exponentially, increasing company growth significantly.


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