Digital Willow’s client RL360 teamed up with BlackRock to provide 3 model portfolio solutions, for some of the world’s leading asset managers.

The market offers many options, intensifying competition and information saturation.

As this marked the solution launch, Digital Willow undertook the responsibility of not only spotlighting the partnership but also educating prospective financial advisors about these fresh offerings.

The Digital Willow Approach

Aware of the global success of BlackRock, Digital Willow realised the potential of using this to help elevate the appeal of the three RL360 model portfolio solutions.

As we wanted to target financial advisors, we decided to use the channels LinkedIn, Google Search, YouTube, and Programmatic.

Video advertising was key to explaining the in-depth/difficult landscape of the solutions. 

Publisher activity via email and display to promote new partnerships to a more targeted audience. (International Adviser and International Investment).

Utilised Retargeting of users who have seen other RL360 products. 

Advertised in multiple markets across the globe.

The Results

As of July 2023, we have generated over 3 million views across YouTube and LinkedIn. At an incredibly cheap cost per view of below £0.

We have seen incredible success with the LinkedIn carousel ad that showcases the various products. In June we launched this advertising and saw a 292% increase in clicks, CTR increased by 3% and it was even more cost effective with the CPC decreasing by 77%.