Our client, RL360 is a leading international financial services company, with offices around the globe and policyholders residing in 170 countries at all points of the compass. RL360 provides offshore savings, protection and investment products to ex-pats and local nationals around the world. In this article we will discuss how we generated over 20 million video views.

Our Mission

As a record amount of money was poured into ESG-focused funds worldwide ($649 billion Jan – Nov 30, 2021) we worked as part of the RL360 marketing team to stay at the forefront of this global trend. With a beautiful video produced and ready to inspire (see here), we created a plan to drive awareness and consideration across several countries (over 50 countries) and three target audiences; financial advisers, policyholders and potential investors.

Digital Willow Approach

Our channel selection included LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Dianomi. Some of our media strategies utilised to ensure top buying were:

  •  Filtering out inappropriate and irrelevant content within these large platforms
  •  Tweaking the target audience to find niche opportunities
  •  Testing new interests targeting data segments i.e. Sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, and financial investing
  •  Creating a whitelist of specific sites and YouTube channels we wanted to conquer
  •  Optimising budget across channels, placements, and audiences
  •  Selecting ad formats that benefitted our client by only paying once 30 seconds of the video was watched
  •  Using programmatic buying to access premium publications that would otherwise be unaffordable with a direct-to-publisher buy.
    For example, we accessed content on Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Reuters.


We set ourselves a target of 10 million video views and we are thrilled to report that we have over doubled this target, currently sitting at 20 million views collectively across 4 different channels.

Furthermore, we are particularly proud of the low cost per view achieved (whilst still hitting a niche audience) which has averaged out at £0.0050; not even a pence per view!

This is a huge success story for RL360 as they look to gain global prominence and influence in the competitive territory that is Environmental, Social, and Governance investing.


Could you be getting more video views? Get in touch with us and see how we could increase it for you.