Brown Advisory is an investment management and strategic advisory firm based in more than 39 countries with over 750 colleagues worldwide and in the UK market.

Grown out of the United States, their business has some influential and prestigious peers and competitors with the likes of Wells Fargo Asset Management, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

To engage with existing clients and attract new customers, Brown Advisory produce a brilliant podcast on a regular basis. The podcast (called: NOW) dives into deep topics that are impacting our economy, lives and investments. With impressive speakers, for example, Alan Jope the CEO of Unilever, the podcast is impressively put together.

Our Mission

A lot of work was going into the production of the podcast but it wasn’t getting enough listens from the right audiences. Previously Brown Advisory had steered clear of paid advertising, concerned that it would send the wrong message to their audience and not maintain their levels of premium and quality communications.

Digital Willow approach

Digital Willow understands that communicating with discerning high-wealth and highly educated individuals is an art of its own. Spam, gimmicks or hard sales were not going to be the right fit for this audience. We wanted to show them the value and education that Brown was offering and nurturing their relationship with the business over time.

We carefully took the internal stakeholders at Brown Advisory through the analytics and targeting opportunities we could achieve to pilot extending their client reach in the UK market. We analysed and tweaked the user journey and created a plan to use highly targeted communications to increase listens of the podcast via LinkedIn and YouTube via hand-picked video channels such as Bloomberg and the Financial Times.


  • Looking at traffic to the Brown Advisory website from the UK market, compared with the prior period with no advertising, we have seen a 50% increase in traffic and a decrease in the overall bounce rate of 15%.
  • Looking at traffic to the NOW landing pages, compared with the prior period with no advertising, traffic increased by 92%, and time spent on the pages increased by 144%.
  • The bounce rate from traffic to the NOW landing pages by paid advertising continues to hover at a remarkably low 1-2%.
  • Users coming to the website from paid advertising have increased by over 1,800% during the two-month engagement with Digital Willow.
  • Users coming from all social media increased by over 10,000% during this two-month period, compared with the prior two-month period.
  • We have grown Brown Advisory’s LinkedIn following by 440 new users in 3 months. This represents an additional 418,000 impressions and 507 engagements with content on the firm’s LinkedIn page.