Client: RL360

Industry: Finance


RL360 offers a broad range of offshore investments, savings, and tax planning products to financial advisers around the world. Since 2014, Digital Willow has acted as an extension of RL360’s marketing team, developing and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy across 38 countries to IFA’s.

Digital Willow approach

Digital Willow created a strategy for RL360 that is genuinely unique to them. Are you interested in how we targeted IFA’s in so many parts of the world without spending a fortune in media costs?

Granular targeting and adserving!

Using an adserver (Sizmek), we were able to verify that the tens of thousands of ad impressions we bought on behalf of RL360 were being: served in the correct countries, served above the fold on the page, and we were getting the right amount of larger formats.

Using detailed adserver data we had deeper conversations with our partnering publications. It gave us insight on which publishers to drop and which to invest more time in. For example, our global partner publication International Adviser worked with us to ensure that we didn’t ‘waste’ ads in parts of the world we couldn’t sell RL360 policies.

The second strategy that led us to superior adverting savings was using GPS and geo-location data to plot the financial hubs around the world.  For example, there was no need to cover all of Malaysia or Brazil’s financial search queries on Google. This would have cost tens of thousands. Yet, by plotting policy holders and IFA’s home addresses we could zoom in on the ‘sticky’ parts of town and make our advertising money work harder.


More than half a million impressions served through our partnering publisher of which 16.7% were served via International adviser with an unheard conversion through rate of 7.73%.

By using our adserver partner, Sizmek, we got further thousands of impressions (as an extra bonus) free of charge delivered to specific regions as a result of Digital Willow’s negotiations.

We’ve been occupying the first position on search results with an avg. cost per click of £0.43 across all 38 countries, delivering 2,075,629 impressions to international financial advisor and plotting policy holders on the last 6 months!


About Us

At Digital Willow, we work as an extension of your marketing team. Like this campaign, we can specialise in media buying & planning, PPC marketing, display marketing, and remarketing. We customise the solution to client’s brief.

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