TV Advertising Agency


In 2020, the London-based ‘TV Advertising Agency’ approached Digital Willow expressing concerns over their ineffective lead-generation efforts using Yell. Despite substantial investments, they were not achieving satisfactory returns. Whilst the agency deals with a large UK market, they also have experience buying airtime for companies in Europe and the US.

Faced with challenges in lead generation and low returns from their marketing efforts, TV Advertising Agency sought assistance from Digital Willow to enhance their digital marketing strategies

This case study illustrates the key initiatives implemented, such as lead scoring and advanced filtering techniques, which significantly improved lead quality and campaign performance.

Evolving Digital Marketing Strategy

To address the shortcomings of the previous lead generation methods, Digital Willow undertook a transformation of TV Advertising Agency’s digital marketing strategy. The key initiatives implemented included:

  • Performance marketing consultancy: Advising TV Advertising Agency on ways of improving the flow of prospects through their site, building landing pages for gathering enquiries and simplifying and delivering information buyers were looking for.
  • Search Marketing: Leveraging targeted search campaigns on both Google and Bing to capture potential customers actively searching for TV advertising solutions.
  • Retargeting and Prospecting with Digital Display: Using retargeting techniques to engage with previous website visitors and prospecting methods to reach new audiences through digital display ads.
  • SEO Optimisation: Enhancing the website’s visibility and organic search rankings through SEO strategies such as registering in Google my Business and using Search Console.
  • Video Promotion: Employing paid video marketing strategies to increase awareness of the business during times of high competition.

Enhancing Lead Quality & Performance

Recognising the importance of lead quality in TV advertising campaigns, Digital Willow introduced several measures to identify and nurture Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

These initiatives included:

Lead Scoring: Conducting a lead scoring process to evaluate each lead’s suitability based on buyer personas, gathering valuable feedback from the sales team. This information was utilised to refine the prospecting engine and improve targeting efforts.

Advanced Filtering Techniques: Implementing advanced filtering methods to reduce wastage and spam and eliminate irrelevant leads, such as students seeking general information on advertising, sales representatives clicking on ads, and time wasters.

Results & Feedback

The collaborative efforts yielded impressive results that have meant working a partnership that has lasted over 3 years and continues today

The two companies managed to achieve a significant reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), reaching an impressive figure of £86 per lead. Despite some spam/sales entries forms, proactive measures are continually taken to minimise this occurrence to only 50% of form submissions. 

The exceptional results obtained through the paid digital campaign have solidified its position as a vital component of TV Advertising Agency’s new business strategy, providing invaluable support  for their growth objectives. 

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