Venture X is an international company designed with the sole purpose of helping businesses succeed. Despite Government ‘work from home’ decrees over the Coronavirus pandemic, Venture X was on a mission to give business owners a new home with office space in West London by using SEO. Both private and co-working spaces are beautifully designed with ergonomic furniture, modern trimmings, gorgeous views and a unique set of amenities – like a recording studio!

Our Mission

It was to raise awareness and drive quality leads to the website via search engine marketing (SEO).

Digital Willow approach

Our SEO strategy was comprised of both onsite and offsite methods. From pre-launch, we worked in partnership with the website development team to ensure the site was built with a healthy SEO score.

Using data we gathered via competitive analysis, we conducted a keyword mapping project to provide guidelines for content to be created with optimisation at the core. As this content was produced and published we increased trust and credibility, not only with internet users but with our second audience – Google’s search engine algorithm.

Some of the support services we offered were: Improving the relevance of content, optimising page structure, overhauling Alt-text for images and internal links, ensuring each page had the best possible metadata and all URLs contained the right keywords.

Since the relaunch of the website, we have been monitoring performance on a monthly basis, creating backlinks, tracking keyword ranking, and helping Venture X to decide on topics for their blog and the structure for their landing pages. Our collective teamwork with the content team has been key to enjoying an increased level of traffic and quality enquiries – all in spite of the challenges that Covid has brought to the sector as a whole and in turn the limits on the budget for this work.


It typically takes 4-6 months to start seeing significant results from SEO, not to mention that growing a co-working business during Covid was challenging! However, just 3 months after the relaunch of the Website, Venture X saw:

  • Traffic – A significant increase in Organic traffic by 70%
  • A very positive rise in Conversion Rate by 993%
  • Domain Authority – An impressive increase from 7 to 45
  • A Bounce Rate of only 5%, showing that our SEO was driving the right audience to the Website.


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