Getting RL360 To Stay Top Of Mind Across 38 Countries In The Financial Market, To A Precise Target Audience Of IFA’s


RL360 is an international finance company based in the Isle of Man, offering a range of offshore investments, savings, and tax planning products.

RL360 offers a broad range of offshore investments, savings, and tax planning products to financial advisers around the world. Digital Willow, since 2014 has acted as an extension of RL360’s marketing team, developing and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy across 38 countries to IFA’s.

Digital Willow approach

  • One essential piece of software in Digital Willow’s toolkit is an independent adserver. Using adserver Flashtalking we are able to verify that the tens of thousands of ad impressions we buy on behalf of RL360 are being: served in the correct countries, served above the fold on the page, shown in the order and frequency of our choosing and most importantly are shown to Financial advisers
  • Managing global campaigns via ad-serving technology allowed us to have more meaningful conversations with our media partners. For example, when optimising campaigns we could challenge publishers on their statistics vs our own and use the independent data as a strong source of leverage where we weren’t happy with the results. This happens more than you would realise, will some form of compensation resulting for nearly every B2B ad buy.
  • The adserver technology also allowed us to use GPS and geo-location data to pin point the financial hubs around the world. For example, there was no need to cover all of Malaysia or Brazil’s financial search queries on Google. This would have cost tens of thousands. Yet, by plotting policy holders and IFA’s work/home postcodes we could zoom in on the hot spots in cities where a concentration of the target audience was more likely to reside.


  • Millions of ad impressions are managed via our ad serving each year for RL360. By being precise with our target audience we achieve a conversion rate averaging over 7%.
  • By closely monitoring actual vs booked impressions with our B2B publications we have achieved over 100,000 free impressions each year, from 2017 to 2020.
  • By sequencing the messages we show financial advisers around the world we are ensuring that they only ever see an RL360 ad 7 times a month and that this message is changed and updated regularly.