New to the health and wellness market in the UK, Nutriburst Gummy vitamins, are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans and halal diet.

Our Mission

It was to raise awareness of the new brand of Nutriburst gummy vitamins, as well as to drive sales conversions on the website through increasing the organic traffic.

Digital Willow approach

After running an SEO audit for this client of gummy vitamins, we created an action plan with recommendations on how to fix the SEO issues we found and to build trust and credibility with the search engines as well as with the users.

Fixing relevance on content, headlines, Alt-text images and internal links, along with optimising metadata, URLs and keywords, were some of the actions we applied.

As SEO is not just about Search Engines but also about improving user experience (UX), some of the optimisations we did were to ensure users could easily find what they were looking for. These aimed to decrease bounce rate and to increase conversion rate.

Helping our client to correctly set up their Google My Business Account, as well as to help them to decide the topics for their blog and the structure for their landing pages, were also key to ensuring new visitors to this site and a better experience for them.


As it is well known, it typically takes 4-6 months to start seeing results from SEO. However, after just 3 months of SEO services, this brand saw:

  • Traffic – A significant increase in Organic traffic by 67%
  • A very positive increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate by 123%, which lead to a 250% increase in Revenue
  • A Bounce Rate of up to 43%, that stayed below the benchmark over those months, showing that our SEO was driving the right audience to the Website.

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