At the time of working with Nutriburst, they were a brand-new company that specialise in providing multivitamins in the form of a chewable gummy, an alternative to your usual vitamin tablet supplements.

Our Mission

Our mission was to increase the number of monthly subscribers directly to their website using GoogleAds whilst also maintaining the shopping feed and generating one-off purchases from their customer base.

Digital Willow approach

The method in doing this was to create Display ads to drive conversions using a variety of imagery to take customers on a journey, this method was assisted by creating specific audiences that would see benefit in a product of this nature. This was also supported by amending the frequency cap to above 8 so that the user was constantly aware of the product when searching terms that were also relevant.

In addition to building subscribers, we also set up Google Shopping to continue maintaining conversions and potentially organic subscribers to the Nutriburst service.

To further help our aim of building subscribers, we added promotional messaging to some of the higher selling products to highlight a potential saving on the product if subscribed as a long-term user rather than a one-off purchaser.


Nutriburst’s business tripled orders within the first 18 months of the campaign and as a result of our efforts, the product is now sold in Selfridges.

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