Hattons of London is a trusted and respected specialist in rare and exclusive coins, including world firsts and exclusive releases. They provide a bespoke service to new and existing coin collectors, offering a variety of heritage and modern gold coins.

Our Mission

Digital Willow’s mission was to drive traffic and conversions to Hatton of London’s website and to increase awareness of the coins to collectors.

Coin collecting is a niche market that requires strategic thinking and planning to ensure that we were targeting the right audience, publishing the right messages and that the user journey is straightforward.

Digital Willow approach

In order to generate a high number of conversions, we set up responsive search and display ads relevant to both their most popular items but also their newest collections on offer. In addition to these, we carefully selected the right extensions to improve the user journey. These extensions included price extensions; to draw immediate attention to specific products as well as improve the user journey, image extensions; to provide a visual representation of the product and call extensions for those who prefer to speak to someone directly regarding their purchase.

World First Coins


These extensions were beneficial to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee coin collection that celebrated the 70-year reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II. One of the extensions we set up was a price extension, this extension alone generated over 100 conversions.

In addition to the site extensions, our efforts during this campaign generated incredible revenue. Our ads were responsible for tens of thousands in revenue for one week resulting in a ROAS of £14.06.

Throughout 2021 we generated hundreds of thousands in revenue through our ad support on Google and Microsoft. This resulted in an average of £5.37 ROAS through our Google efforts and £6.89 ROAS from Microsoft respectively.

Segmenting and studying the audiences for Hattons of London was key to the success of the campaign. In addition to this, keywords, and ongoing account optimisations to ensure the best performance have been crucial in driving the conversion rates, this has been shown through achieving an average Google Optimisation Score of 80%.


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