Laser Clinics is an Australian company with lofty ambitions to set up shop in the UK at a rapid pace. They work as a franchise, whereby owners buy a clinic and are supported by the Head Office and our marketing team

To summarise, in 2021 we grew the number of clinics by 13 to 23 in total – no easy feat coming out of Covid, but a huge success story. 

Working with a franchise business we understand the delicate balance of adhering to global brand guidelines and budgets, whilst also understanding that each part of the country and community will have slightly different communication needs. 

Digital Willow approach

The complex model of the Laser Clinics needed to be reflected in our paid media strategy. For example:

  • We supported clinics slightly differently pending on their lifecycle stage (just opening, existing, local top-up campaigns)
  • We used very specific geo-targeting to ensure that clinics were getting a fair amount of reach from the pot of central paid media and created clever campaigns to ensure that if someone searched for a clinic in another part of the country, they were taken to the right website destination. 
  • We applied click to call ads when services needed a more intricate and human explanation i.e. specialised skin treatments. We also had great success running automated countdown ads, dramatically increasing sales before key promotions finished. 


This year we ran the businesses most successful Google and Social Media campaign ever, whereby we achieved a return on average of £4.98 for every £1 spent. Not to mention, for certain clinics the returns hit up to £47 for every pound spent for individual local franchises across and shop in the UK. 

Hear from Gill Hugo, owner of the Glasgow Laser Clinics store:

Gillian Hugo Positive Online Review

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