Client: Simonds Homes

Industry: Property & Real Estate


Simonds Homes is a highly awarded home builder, producing both grand yet affordable housing for everyday Australians. They are a household name and have been building homes in Australia for over 65 years.

The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and sales outside of Victoria by targeting consumers who were in a 5K radius of a Simonds display home and whilst also redirecting customers heading to a competitor display home. In this case study, we are going to explore the skillful tactic of proximity marketing.

Digital Willow approach

To overcome this challenge, Digital Willow adopted the practice of proximity marketing, whereby we targeted a specific audience entering a virtual perimeter we had set with mapping coordinates.

Consumer insight: Potential home buyers that were visiting display homes were often on their mobile phones looking at maps for directions or reading property details.

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So how did we do it?

  1. Geo-fencing: We targeted buyer mobile phones with banner ads as they were browsing. We ring-fenced a 5km radius around Simonds’ and key competitors’ display homes.
  1. Low cost: Proximity targeting on mobile was an excellent, low cost way of delivering sales promotion messages within 5km of Simonds display homes and key competitors’ display homes.
  1. Range of adverts: We created 3 unique adverts differing in sizes with many different versions of text/headline. Each of the adverts were dynamic, telling a different story.
  1. Specific Regions: We created custom made adverts for the different regions we were targeting, these included Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. The adverts featured display homes from the specific location.


  • High CTRs across the entire buy and huge impression levels, with larger formats performing best.
  • We achieved a click-through rate of 5.45% in the top performing state QLD.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, tablet drove a higher engagement versus mobile; likewise, iOS versus Android.
  • Ads with a timely directive like; “get down to Rockbank today, it is only 5 minutes away!” – performed the best.

About Us

At Digital Willow, we work as an extension of your marketing team. Like this campaign, we can specialise in NFC, SMS marketing, Beacon & hyper-local, GSP targeting. This can be with or without digital outdoor companion advertising (like bus stops). We customise the solution to client’s brief.

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