Client: Simonds Homes

Industry: Property & Real Estate


Simonds is a highly awarded home builder, producing both grand yet affordable housing for everyday Australians. They are a household name and have been building homes in Australia for over 65 years.

The aim of the campaign was:

  • To increase brand awareness and sales outside of Victoria.
  • Maintain brand loyalty with existing consumer base to capture upgrade sales.
  • Increase the number of visits to display homes.
  • Grow the number of calls to 1300 contact line.
  • Increase traffic to the preferred land partnership landing page.

Digital Willow approach

Raising brand awareness in such a vast area with a lot of competition can be a difficult task. But we successfully did this by getting our client to an overall position of 1.6 on the Google search engine results page in just the first few days after finding out people who search on Google tend to not go past the first page to get results, which is why we have the aim to get our clients on the first 3 results on Google Search.

We understand the importance of differentiating from your competitors. Therefore, we created unique and enticing Google adverts for Simonds to encourage our audience to click on our ads.

We used the campaigns to influence our audience during their decision-making process by targeting them during moments that will be most impactful to them.

How did we do it?

  1. Budgeting- Since we were advertising in 4 different Australian states on Google search (Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales), we needed to strategically split up our budget. Since Victoria had the largest audience size and largest state with the biggest brand awareness, we thought it was more logical to give this state most the budget.
  1. Ad Groups- We created multiple adverts in a variety of different ad groups for example Brand. As we were given the task of increasing brand awareness in New South Wales, we created a specific ad group focused solely on just that.
  1. Moments that Matter- We synchronised our advertising with moments that matter - we used clever technology to up weight the frequency and impact of the media on sunny days when the Simonds television ad is running and during Simonds Stadium, Geelong football games. We did extensive research to find out the moments that will affect our audience’s decision-making process, we concluded that our audience is more likely to go and see a display home when it is sunny outside.
  1. Laser Sharp Targeting- Our ads were precisely targeted to specific keywords such as ‘Home Builders’ that were specific to the company and by location, in particular, the 4 different states. We conducted extensive research on our target audience to find out the keywords they were more likely to search for.


  • The average click-through rate for the real estate sector is 2.03%, whereas we were able to achieve an incredible 9.09% for this campaign.
  • We received over 190 contact forms submitted to the website.
  • We earned over 23,000 impressions.

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