Behind the Scenes: The Process for Delivering AI-Powered SEO Results for Clients

At Digital Willow, we’ve helped dozens of clients supercharge their organic traffic and enquiries via our SEO Superpower. Building brand awareness online is a process that is changing so rapidly in this era of AI, we often hear that it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with the pace of change.

In 99% of instances, I can confidently say that the worst thing you can do is nothing. Think of investing in SEO services like planting a garden; it takes time and rigour to cultivate and grow, but the sooner you start, the better.

Before each new contract, we are commonly asked ‘What are the benefits of an agency SEO partnership?‘. Well, one of the benefits of partnering with an agency like Digital Willow is that we are constantly fine-tuning and innovating our approach, ensuring we are adapting skills and talent to the changing trends of the market.

We push ourselves to stay at the forefront of innovation, whether that be in AI, tools, or processes. Furthermore, our collaborative approach ensures your team will be exposed to the latest tried and tested AI-powered tools whilst never losing the human perspective and all the experience it brings. A partnership with Digital Willow amplifies your results because we are sharing with you the lessons learnt and collective experience from a whole host of different clients across a wide range of sectors.

Taking on the Competition

The level of competition will also impact how difficult it is for your web pages/website to rank. If you’re creating or optimising a website that operates in a particularly competitive space, the task of ranking higher on SERPs is far harder.

Once you have identified your competitors, you’ll need to look at the keywords they’re ranking for. There are several tools in Digital Willow’s arsenal that are used to find this out, including SEMrush. Tools like this can identify a website’s most popular pages and their keyword focus.

With SEO, the more time you invest, the more you are likely to get back out of it. Invariably, however, companies can only afford to invest so much time and effort into SEO whilst balancing other projects.

That’s why expert support is worth considering.

At Digital Willow, our SEO experts are experienced in using essential SEO software to help prepare and plan an exceptional SEO strategy for any business. Required alongside an in-depth knowledge of this SEO software is a thorough understanding of the tasks that will have the greatest impact in driving SEO. Our staff are trained to utilise this instinct and intuition to get your brand a top spot in the SERPs.

You can chip away at SEO for a long time and then make a quick, sudden jump. Conversely, you can make steady gains over time. At Digital Willow, our tried and tested SEO approach is sure to get you the results you deserve, no matter how long these take to come to fruition. We think it’s beneficial to break the SEO process down into 1 – 2 month periods and monitor the changes along the way.

What is the Effect of AI ChatGPT / Gemini on SEO?

Nowadays, it would be a miss to write about SEO and not discuss the impact that AI is having. Whilst AI tools such as ChatGPT and Gemini are being effectively utilised as a source of information and inspiration, they are also used as a means to generate entire pieces of content which are then passed off as the author’s own. This grey area of originality Vs AI-written content has many serious implications which search engines such as Google are finding new ways to combat. These implications mainly focus on the quality and value of the written content presented to searchers who are looking for useful information. Whilst AI, especially in the last 2 years, has become more sophisticated in generating well-crafted, human-like responses to user queries, it can lack in four key areas Google has identified with the acronym E.E.A.T. (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). There are some further tells such as unnatural or repetitive language and phrasing which can signal the use of AI which Google is also training its algorithms to identify.

Ultimately, then, the use of AI to help generate content will not necessarily have your webpage penalised for SEO and reduce your rankings in the SERP provided that the work is produced with these factors in mind. Ensuring that your content is accurate, well-written (a sense of originality being key), and is also providing useful information directly related to the question it poses means it is more likely to be rewarded than punished in the SERP.

Planning Your SEO Journey

Month 1 – 2: Foundation

  • Technical SEO Audit: A technical SEO audit will uncover and analyse your website’s health, much like a full-body MOT check-up. This includes structure, crawling/indexing issues,
    mobile-friendliness, speed etc. Once these issues have been identified, we go about
    amending them by priority, i.e. those issues that are having the greatest negative impact on your website.
  • Keyword Research: Next we identify high-potential keywords your audience is searching for
    through the use of sophisticated SEO tools we have in-house. As competition continues to
    increase, it is more important than ever to prioritise search queries that will bring
    meaningful traffic to your website. High organic volume doesn’t mean much if the users coming to your site aren’t relevant.

Trend Alert: A rise in the use of voice search means that users are inputting longer queries into search engines. Although this means an increase in competition, it also means that there’s a greater opportunity to rank for highly targeted queries, helping you find your perfect customer.

Example of typed search Vs. voice search:

  • Typed Search: ‘Top UK companies for fintech solutions’
  • Voice Search: ‘Give me a list of the top 10 UK companies that partner with wealth
    management companies to deliver faster backend technology solutions’
  • Competitor Analysis: Understanding what your competitors are ranking for, their backlink
    profile, and content strategies. We will pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses to fuel your
  • Online Business Listings: We’ll optimise your Google Business Profile, Bing Places for
    Business, and Apple Business Connect using our in-house SEO tools to speed up the process
    and ensure consistency.

Month 3 – 4 (and possibly beyond): AI Content Optimisation

  • On-page Optimisation: Using the latest Martech tools, we work with you to refine existing content, remodelling it so that it will appear in searches relevant to your priority keywords. Further, we cover all the little details that make a difference such as improving titles, meta descriptions, headings, indexing, and UX.
  • New Content Development: We recommend a blend of human and AI-powered content generation tools, providing a springboard for creativity without losing the human perspective. We’ll help you craft high-quality blog posts, articles, or product pages that align with valuable keywords, address user needs, and surpass the quality of purely AI-generated text.
  • Refined Content Creation Process: We work with you to implement an SEO-optimised content creation process, ensuring that your team have a checklist and the know-how to amplify the content being generated, not just for your potential customers but also to drive organic traffic. For example, we create an internal linking strategy with pillar pages that bring structure to your site and create authority with search engines on particular topics.

Month 5 – 6: Off-page Optimisation & Monitoring

  • Link-building: We will build a link-building strategy and process so that you can leverage existing and new partnerships with other businesses. Much like you would trust a professional your best friend has recommended to you, link building helps to build domain authority in the digital world. We will encourage you to consider guest blogging, broken link building, resource page outreach, or creating shareable assets.
  • Local SEO (if applicable): Optimising your online presence for local searches (i.e. ‘near me’). We have seen this work particularly well for franchise businesses and customer-facing shops on the high street.


  • Tracking & Reporting: Using live data from tools such as SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console means we can track organic traffic, rankings, keyword positions, domain authority, and more to provide essential progress reports.


Investing in SEO is akin to planting a seed; it takes time and care to cultivate lasting results. At Digital Willow, we understand this, and our 6-month SEO plan offers a structured approach. We begin by laying a solid foundation through website audits and keyword research. We then craft targeted content and implement strategic on-page optimisation. As your website grows, we focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks and continuously monitor performance through data analysis. Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Our ongoing commitment is to ensure your website thrives in the ever-evolving search landscape.

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