To mark International Women’s Day, we put the spotlight on the female leadership in Digital Willow, the London-based growth marketing consultancy. Our Founder and CEO Amber Williamson is featured in The Parliamentary Review as an outstanding example of best practice in her industry. 

In this blog post Amber shares the secrets of her leadership approach to an inclusive culture, which saw her recognised as Best Woman in Business 2018. What could this mean for you?

digital willow


Amber set out to grow a digital marketing business that revolves around a nurturing and empowering culture. This, she states, is crucial to success for all genders in the office. “But it goes beyond gender, touching on social background, sexuality and age,” she adds, “ultimately providing the right environment for everyone to succeed in.” Amber involves her entire team in key organisational decisions, not shying away from discussing investment questions or client suitability. “This gives everyone a stake in the business and particularly gives women a step up to experience executive decision making,” she says.



Another key aspect of a work environment in which women succeed is one that is not dominated by one particular gender and reflects the ethnic and social diversity of where the business is based. “The make-up of the team around you as a leader is extremely important,” adds Amber. She has sought to put together a team that reflects the London around her, with a mix of backgrounds and experiences where people can learn from each other and ensure that advertising is reflective of the communities it tries to reach.  “In an industry like marketing, it is entirely feasible to ensure you have a diverse and inclusive team,” she says. “Ultimately it helps women excel more than in a closed mono-cultural environment.”

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