Do you use Google Analytics to record what happens on your website? If so, you need to know about the latest upgrade; Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Want to know why you should upgrade?

  • This new version is designed to adapt to the future of online tracking without cookies or any personal identifiers. Importantly with increases in security measures, will increase your ability to still capture valuable information about your customers.
  • Probabilistic modelling will be used to fill in any potential data gaps that could occur. 
  • This new version will give us a more complete view of the customer journey and increased insight into eCommerce reporting. (Behaviour Flow in particular is much easier to understand). 
  • With the new version, GA4 users will be automatically updated about changing customer behaviour on their website that could affect marketing decisions. (so cool!) 
  • Despite all these rich data benefits, GA4 is designed with data privacy and GDPR compliance in mind.

 How Google Analytics has evolved over time:

How to proceed?

We advise keeping the old version of Google Analytics running whilst adopting GA4. This will ensure that you always retain your historic website data and if you rely on information quickly, you will know where to find it in the old version.

For new websites?

GA4 is now the default version, so anyone creating a new property on Analytics will be guided towards the new interface.

If you would like some help setting this up for your business or would like to discuss GA4 in more detail, please do give us a holler. Fill in the form to the right and we’ll be in touch.

Here to help 😊