Digital Willow was originally appointed the agency of choice for the Visit Isle of Man team for the first half of 2021, but due to its success, the campaign was extended to last the entire year. Being the appointed agency for the year, puts us in a strong position to build on our learnings and drive even better results going forward.

Our Mission

For the first campaign with Visit Isle of Man, we were tasked with delivering a paid media strategy to drive awareness of the Isle of Man as a holiday destination, and then later in the campaign when the world started to open up (after COVID lockdowns), we shifted the messaging to focus on getting people to book their holiday. When there was a change of season, messaging and creative was updated to reflect this.

Digital Willow approach

The remit included digital display, programmatic buying, ad serving, Google search ads, Microsoft ads, Sky TV advertising, and native advertising.


During the campaign, we achieved over 43,700 goal completions on the Visit Isle of Man website, this is a highly engaged audience as a goal on Google Analytics is considered as someone who has viewed 3+ pages on the Visit Isle of Man website, signed up to the newsletter or spent longer than one minute on the website.

The digital advertising in total served over 11.8 million impressions, so building awareness of the Isle of Man as a destination was truly accomplished.

Furthermore, we smashed through our target of views (335,000) delivering 632,558 views over 30 secs long in a combination of both the 30 & 90-sec video.

And finally, on Google, we managed to reduce our initial Cost Per Conversion down from £23.45 to only £2.72 -11 times below the travel industry benchmark (£31.81)!


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