We’re thrilled to announce that our dream team collectively won the International Campaign of the Year award at the International Investment Awards this year.

Winner Badge RL360 International Campaign of the Year

The campaign, “RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions (MPS) Funds,” powered by BlackRock, was launched in March 2023.

The Challenge

Digital Willow’s mission was to promote this new initiative between the two companies and increase adoption with financial advisers in over 34 countries.

The Strategy

Crafting specific audience segments on digital platforms played a pivotal role in the success of our campaign strategy. We meticulously identified financial advisers across multiple media touchpoints, ensuring that every penny of our paid media spend reached the ideal recipient. Given the fierce market competition, such precise segmentation was crucial to maximise our media budget. This approach guaranteed impactful advertising for our core audience, eliminating wastage on irrelevant segments.

We further refined our targeting using demographic attributes along with affinity, in-market, and cross-sell audience strategies. For instance, users engaged with both BlackRock and RL360 previously were dynamically segmented and introduced to the new campaign. A cross-sell strategy, leveraging existing customer and marketing data to unveil the new initiative and creative series also proved highly effective.

Our strategy was genuinely omnichannel. We tailored our communications across numerous publications and digital platforms, including LinkedIn, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, Morning Star, International Investment, and International Adviser. Additionally, we expanded our footprint using Google Display, YouTube, and Google Ads.

Key formats like video, native, and display highlighted the synergies between the two companies. See an example here: Video RL360 teams up with BlackRock

The Results

Boasting click-through rates (CTRs) of above 4% on search and over 5.87 million targeted views of the video assets—and counting—we’ve witnessed global evidence that this new solution from RL360 is resonating with financial advisers and their clients alike.

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