Want to know how to make banner advertising more effective and relevant?  An Ad server is the technology that places ads on websites.  Here are 5 top tips on why you should be using an Ad server:

1/  An Ad server will tell you how all the ad impressions you booked actually looked to your customers.  Were they seen, clicked, how many times, what order did they appear etc.

2/An Ad server will tell you if a publisher served your ads, but then that naughty publisher served those ads below the fold of the page.  You can find out what % of ads were never seen!

3/Via an Ad server you can limit the number of times a customer sees your ad.  After all, why pester the same person when you could be advertising to someone new!

4/You can showcase a variety of products in different banners and chose the order that each message appears. For example this allows you to up-sell to your customers that have seen or purchased the basic range.

5/Finally, an Ad server will tell you whether someone saw your ad, never clicked on it, but still found their way to your website.  Clever huh!  Sometimes its important to know whether your advertising is working despite the lack of clicks.

At Digital Willow we have a partnership with Sizmek, one of the 3 top global independent adserving and tracking companies.  In this way we protect our clients and their advertising campaigns.

More good news is that this technology isn’t expensive, compared to the money you spend on media.  However you do need an expert to implement the code (like us!) or you will burn through many hours trying to learn how.  Wielded correctly an Ad server can turn a digital marketing campaign into a very powerful weapon, full of fascinating consumer data and analytics.