What is it?

It is a form of advertising which involves targeting mobile-device users with personalised content (e.g. an offer, coupon, news or extra information) based on how close these are to a specific location (your shop, a location, for an event or launch of a specific product you are selling, etc.).  Even better, most proximity marketing campaigns are two ways, so the customer is invited to take an action. 

Services we offer

Proximity marketing Mobile devices

SMS marketing short “buy now” reminders to a database

Proximity marekting Wifi

Partnership with venues for access to the welcome splash page on the Wi-Fi log-in (for example for travelers on the train to the Netherlands via Eurostar)

Proximity marketing Internet enabled device with GPS

We broker deals on behalf of our clients with mobile advertising partners and then, independently track the advertising we book to ensure that we are targeting customers located in and around events. (targeting can be as close as 1×1 metre!)

iBeacons Bluetooth

Use iBeacon or Bluetooth devices to deliver teaser content within stadiums to attendees.  For the iBeacon solution, the company does need to have an app, or at least access to a partner’s app.  For example; Manchester United’s app could be used to sell more programs to patrons as they enter Wembley Stadium.

Proximity marketing NFC

Can offer live content and encourage deeper brand engagement with customers, via an RFID chip based in a fixed location within the venue area.  For example, with a bar or restaurant NFC enabled bar coasters could be tapped by customers to show them special promotions.  We also work with outdoor media companies to incorporate NFC within billboards, posters and transit locations like bus stops/train stops.

Proximity marketing QR codes

These offer a cheaper solution like NFC, whereby a small code is printed on items like, posters, magazines, brochures and coasters.  By accessing the code, the customer would likely want to receive further information or value.

Proximity marketing Augmented reality

Augmented reality treasure hunt around a sporting ground.  Think ‘Pokémon go’

Things we could help you with:

When considering proximity marketing, there are many possibilities.  Ideally we like to start with client objectives and brainstorm from there.  However, some ideas to get you started:

  1. Drive more in-store visits
  2. Trigger ticket sales
  3. Promote merchandise sales
  4. Run special promotions/ offers in-store
  5. Give navigation assistance to consumers at events.
  6. Create a PR stunt, using play and games, creating talkability.
  7. Offer more content and encourage retention through value offering
  8. Keep your customers updated with the latest trends or information about your product.

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