Given the Christmas period, many businesses will be under pressure to set new Google Ads campaigns live.

Here are 5 tips to ensure your Google Ads are not rejected to save you time and resources during this busy season. 

Here we go:

1- Typos  Google imposes strict policies around an ad’s quality and relevance—including requiring standard spelling and grammar.

Google Ads

 2- Extra punctuation marks e.g. Buy Now!!! – Google considers exclamations in either of the two headline fields to be disruptive and these are another common cause for ad rejections.

3- Unnecessary use of symbols e.g. &%^* or symbols used incorrectly to represent ‘and’ might be rejected.

4- GiMmIcKy CAPITALISATION  As with typos, Google’s policies around quality and relevance will make ads using unnecessary and gimmicky capitalisation likely to be rejected.

5- Spelling Emojis – With Google requiring standard spelling and grammar, spelling out emojis e.g. 🙂 will also likely result in ads being disapproved.