So it sounds like you have a great product or service! But perhaps it’s time to increase the number of customers that are thinking about your brand. Perhaps not enough people have heard of you or maybe you are lucky enough that they have, but need to be reminded.

Let’s think of some of the strong brands we all know - Apple, Coca-cola and Red Bull. What is it that they all have in common? They are memorable, unique, likeable, they understand their customers, are consistent in their communications and they have a strong identity.


It’s fair to say that improving brand awareness takes commitment! With the competition that surrounds us in the marketplace today, we cannot expect a product or service to sell itself. Even if you are lucky enough to get some positive PR. I know of a tech company whose engineers created a revolutionary product which brought TV to any portable device, without the use of the internet! Despite such innovation and even some great PR, the product was not selling until a proper marketing commitment was made.

As humans we need reminders. We need to be educated on the latest things available to help our lives.

A branding marketing campaign usually starts with a heavy push of activity to create conversations and make some noise. Breaking through the first time can be hardest.

Some things to think about:

  • Figure out who your key audience is and describe their behaviours during a weekday and a weekend.
  • Where do they live? How educated are they? How do you think they make decisions about your product/service category?
  • What sorts of media do they consume? Are they always online and connected? Are they fixed to the television of an evening?
  • Consider the best sorts of media to communicate with them. If they are heavy users of mobile and digital media, then your idea generation should start there.
  • Think about what other brands they would respect, consider whether developing marketing partnerships is appropriate?
  • Plan a launch date and approx. 6 weeks of heavy marketing efforts followed by some lower sustained communications
  • Find out what your competitors are doing. Are there territories that they are ignoring or not present in that you could monopolise?
  • Have you considered the budget it takes to launch some media activity?

How Digital Willow can help? Sometimes you need some extra help to get a big branding campaign up and running. Sometimes you need someone to help ask you and help you solve those difficult marketing questions. Sometimes you need a partner to put your great ideas into a plan that you can work through.

That’s where we come in. We create bespoke marketing and media plans suited to your needs, pending on how involved you would like us to be.

We can work as an extension of your team, with new ideas and insights from different industries. We can help you launch a big media campaign and track it perfectly. We will get you the branding you need.

Media to consider:

  • Video promotion
  • Banner ads (display marketing)
  • Social Media advertising
  • Mobile page take-overs
  • PPC, SEO marketing
  • Proximity marketing
  • Print ads – back cover
  • Radio breakfast show sponsorships