Watch our video series to discover how to harness LinkedIn’s features, enhancing your LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential.

With approximately 49 million LinkedIn accounts set up and using the platform to explore job and sales opportunities, it is the social media channel for being able to connect with those who are most willing and receptive to your business.

With opportunity comes competition and getting your brand noticed can be tough. LinkedIn provides its users, and especially its business accounts, with an abundance of helpful tools and features.

With new features being added continuously, it can be tough to know if your company is making the most out of every opportunity available to you.

The Digital Willow team sought to help our clients utilise the LinkedIn functions that they may not have known were available to them or that they weren’t perhaps using to the fullest.

As a solution, we created our LinkedIn Tutorial Videos Series.

In case you missed them on our LinkedIn channel, we’ve compiled all our videos in this blog post for you to check out.

LinkedIn Document Ads

Towards the end of last year, LinkedIn’s Ad Manager introduced a new format called Document Ads. As 3rd party cookies continue to decline, this ad format offers a brilliant mechanism to not only communicate your product or service but also to increase your 1st party data and CRM.

Digital Willow’s Edward Sargent walks us through Document Ads and how your business could utilise them.

How to Use LinkedIn Keywords to Hunt and Gather

Using keywords correctly can help you cut through a seemingly infinite amount of data and allow you to discover exactly what it is you’re looking for. Moreover, using keywords effectively can help you get your brand discovered by customers who are more likely to invest in your product or service.

Digital Willow’s Account Director, Nikki Jackson, demonstrates how to Hunt and Gather. Using the right keywords in the right situation can change how your company uses LinkedIn for the better.

Whether you’re looking for new talent or want to make your brand more discoverable to your target market, here are some tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot.

Establishing Links with Other Companies on LinkedIn

Have you considered how you might leverage complementary or strategic partners within the social space?

Establishing links and building relationships with other companies is an effective way to promote each other’s products and services mutually. Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to identify complementary and strategic partners and enjoy cross-promotion benefits. Both parties can increase their exposure and awareness among the target audience aligned with each other’s company.

How to Use LinkedIn to Create High-Converting Events

Ensuring your business event is a success is the worry of any event organiser. Whether you are trying to raise brand awareness, launch a new product, generate leads or drive client engagement, utilising LinkedIn’s event tool is a brilliant way of growing hype and increasing responses.

How to Grow LinkedIn Followers

Grow your LinkedIn following for free! 📈

Growing followers to your LinkedIn company page can help you increase your brand visibility, credibility and gain greater recognition.

As one of the most valuable and reliable social media platforms for generating leads, the chance to grow your followers on LinkedIn is one that should not be passed up.

Here Digital Willow’s CEO, Amber Williamson reveals one of the most valuable but often overlooked methods of increasing your LinkedIn following month on month.

LinkedIn Product Pages

If your company produces a product you’re proud of, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to show it off to the world!

Luckily, LinkedIn’s Product Pages allow you to do just that.

In the final YouTube video of this LinkedIn tutorial series, we’ll discuss the amazing ways you can use this LinkedIn feature to showcase your company’s product in all its glory and draw the attention of customers who mean the most to your brand.

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