Our founder and CEO, Amber Williamson, was invited as a special guest on ExchangeWire’s Mad Tech Podcast.

In conversation with Mariam Ahmad (Editorial Lead, ExchangeWire) and host John Still (Head of Content, ExchangeWire), Amber gives her expert opinion on the latest news from the world of advertising.

Listen to the podcast here

The Discussion

Why Gen Z might favour TikTok over Google and should the latter be concerned?

During the podcast, Amber extensively explores TikTok’s escalating prominence as a search engine within the Gen Z demographic. The trio discuss its emergence as a formidable competitor to Google and whether or not this should be a cause for concern for the search giant.

The fight against greenwashing: the Australian government’s action against false SEG Advertisement claims

The serious global threat posed by climate change has recently forced the Australian government’s hand to tackle the widespread issue of greenwashing in advertising. Amber dives into the controversy and reflects on how the new demand for SEG-led marketing should be approached ethically.

What’s next for Meta? Zuckerberg’s push for supremacy in the AI race

The AI question excites and concerns in equal measure. With new developments every day, the group debates the possible philosophical, ethical, and financial implications of Meta’s AI innovations.

Listen to the podcast here