Connected TV – Making the Most of an Expanding Market

If you didn’t know already, Connected TV (CTV) has become one of the leading mediums for the consumption of all types of video content. A big catalyst for the increase in this way of viewing was the global coronavirus pandemic starting in 2020. This has become the viewing method of choice for millions of people looking to get their fix of entertainment. However, the statistics also reveal that the type of content viewed increasingly more on CTV has also included professional services video content. This change in consumer behaviour presents a great opportunity for digital marketers to deliver messages to business professionals who are viewing thought-leadership, educational or tutorial content.

So, What are the Reasons for the Rise in CTV YouTube Views?

CTV has become more commonplace in households; it has made accessing streaming services and other popular video platforms such as YouTube easier than ever before.

For clarity, CTV is an umbrella term which includes Smart TVs, streaming sticks e.g., Chromecast, gaming consoles and other such devices.

A notable historic factor in the increase of CTV viewership was the pandemic. Lockdowns accelerated shifts towards home entertainment and people turned to CTV as one of the most convenient and flexible ways to get their fix.

The diverse, freely accessible and extensive content library caters for users of all ages and demographics.  YouTube usership is expected to grow to ‘933.9 million in 2024 and reach over a billion by 2026‘ (Statista).

Clever Ways to Market Your Products and Services via CTV Screens

First and foremost, when considering this channel, it’s important to think big, aiming for content suitable for a large screen. Opt for simple interactivity, and don’t restrict your messages to one-on-one communication; instead, consider the potential of reaching the entire family sitting in the living room.  Here are a few more ideas to get you started:

  • Interactive Content and Advertising: Leverage the larger screen and captive audience by creating interactive content and ads. Polls, quizzes, and choose-your-own-adventure-style videos can engage viewers more deeply.
  • Event Livestreams: Host live events, such as awards, webinars, or product launches, on YouTube and promote CTV as the preferred viewing platform. The big-screen experience can make viewers feel more connected to the event.
  • Thought Leadership Content and Tutorials: Use the larger display to offer detailed educational content and tutorials. Topics that might require more attention from the user like: climate change papers, investment strategies, technology solutions and more can work very well on a large screen, with the user also at the ready with their mobile phone whilst watching.
  • Fitness and Wellness Programs: Encourage viewers to participate in fitness and wellness programmes through CTV. The larger screen size is ideal for following along with workout videos or meditation sessions.
  • Immersive Travel and Exploration Videos: Take advantage of the high-quality display of CTVs to showcase travel and exploration content. Stunning visuals of exotic locations or virtual tours can be more impactful on a larger screen. Discover how we utilised large digital formats to market a campaign for our client Visit Isle of Man here.

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To name but a few:

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