Boost Awareness and
Leads with LinkedIn Ads

With an advertising reach of over 922 million business professionals, LinkedIn is the social platform to capture the interest of potential B2B leads and future clients. One of the many reasons agencies such as ours favour LinkedIn is because of its versatility – the platform provides a smorgasbord of various ad formats with specific targeting features, enabling any business to create effective marketing campaigns with relative ease. 

If there is a downside to this bountiful gift to digital advertisers, it’s that they might feel spoilt for choice. With so many different ad types and a seemingly endless combination of metrics and targeting, the question may arise: where do I begin?

Don’t Fear!

Digital Willow has created this handy eBook to help give businesses such as yours a helping hand as they begin to explore the endless possibilities made available to them by the LinkedIn Campaigns platform.

If you want to raise awareness, and consideration, or generate leads and sales, we’ll guide you through what we think are the best ad formats to do so.

With tips for best practices and a rough guide to costs, you’ll gain invaluable insight into how you can make the platform optimise your campaign efforts without tearing your hair out trying to compare ad formats one by one.

Our mission at Digital Willow is to give you the insight and the tools to supercharge your marketing. We think there’s a great opportunity now to be a pioneer in using these new ad formats so make sure you fill out the form to get your free eBook to avoid missing out.


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