Targeting High-Net Worth Expats Around The World


RL360 is an international finance company based in the Isle of Man, offering a range of offshore investments, savings, and tax planning products.

Our Mission

RL360’s products can only be purchased through Financial Advisers, however, their policy holders tend to be high net worth individuals, often living as expats scattered around the world. During this case study, we focus on how we reached these expats in particular.

Digital Willow approach

Expats tend to support one another when working abroad and are often known to cluster into social groups. As such, referrals are extremely important to this target audience and we knew that RL360 needed to be injected into their collective conversions to succeed. Social media, blogs and forums lent themselves beautifully to delivering helpful messages of financial planning targeted just for Expats. We researched these digital destinations and then developed a two-way communication strategy to converse with the expat audience.


  • Posting content and engaged in conversations in expat forums across the internet.
  • We nurtured a LinkedIn community especially for Expats in the UAE to offer financial tips and guidance.
  • We found specific websites built for expats where we sponsored or advertised
  • We used clever data mining to target individuals reading publications like FT, browsing overseas websites in English and frequenting First Class travel lounges.