Media Audit

CEO’s and Marketers, do you ever question whether your media plan is optimised to the highest potential?

At Digital Willow we offer a service called a Media Audit.  It’s like getting a thorough health check from an independent specialist, that arms you with the facts and insights that will fine tune your media.

Why would you need this?

  • Perhaps you are wondering whether your current agency is up to date with the latest formats
  • Or whether your money is invested as efficiently and effectively as it should be
  • Perhaps you realise the value of having another expert opinion


What can you get out of these insights?

  • Ways to improve return on advertising spend
  • Ideas on new ad formats and extensions
  • Benchmarks on what other sectors are doing and where you should be
  • Improvements and suggestions on your media buying and creative
  • Optimisation techniques on your time of day and channel choice

How do I get started?

  • Get your media plan to hand and read only access to your digital channels.
  • Contact us today to find out our special prices


So if you are looking for deeper understanding, visibility, and control over your digital media, get a quote today!