Have you used Snapchat? If not, you are in luck. We have put together a quick introduction on what you need to know about Snapchat as a marketer.

Snapchat is a super speedy messaging app for sharing moments; users are able to send pictures and videos directly to their friends and/or add it to their Snapchat Story. All users can 'snap' personal stories with a limit of 15 seconds. The thing that made this app so popular is the fact that after 24 hours, whatever you posted on your Story disappears and any image you send a friend also disappears after they have viewed it. Think co-workers singing Karaoke, sharing the video with those who couldn't make it, without the risk of being held to ransom.

As you might have guessed 52% of Snapchat users are aged between 16-24, with over 100 million daily active users. The rise in popularity, other than its short shelf life, is also thanks to celebrity users (Kardashian sisters & Justin Bieber), media partners (Sky Sports) and its fun features like; voice calling, video calling, playful photo filters, a "live" feature and a "Discover" feature.

Let's show you a few of these features:
The "Discover" feature is an interesting arena for marketers and publishers.

"Discover" is the go to for entertaining updates around the world. You can see stories from The Daily Mail and Sky Sports- it's the place you would go to update yourself on world news and pop culture. It is also where marketers publish their ads.

Alternatively, the "Live" feature is where users are given the chance to see live events, such as celebrities on the red carpet (Met Gala).

Snapchat also offers the opportunity for businesses/users to create their own "Geofilters". A geofilter is a bespoke design that sits on top of photos/videos. A marketer can pick a time, location and offer it to Snapchat users at a price. These filters are possibly the main attraction of the app. Take a look at this geofilter created by McDonald's available to Snapchat users when they enter a McDonald's restaurant.

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