By grabbing the top position on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), your CTR (click-through rate) will skyrocket. A page ranking on the first position gets 30% of all the clicks.

(Monster Insights, 2020)

These involve working both on your own website (onsite SEO) and on platforms and websites that connect to your website (offsite SEO).

Onsite SEO involves making sure that your site is structured in such a way that search engines can “read” it and assess it as credible and authoritative for search users. A key part of offsite SEO is link building, which improves the search engine ranking of your website.

Here at Digital Willow, we are not simply promising to get you lots of traffic, however, we do promise to get you meaningful traffic. SEO is more about than just ranking number one on Google. It is about getting traffic that is measurable, whether it’s downloads, views, enquiries and/or reviews. We have experts who can help you reach those goals.