As a small business owner – just on those particularly hard days – I might ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Why did I leave my comfortable salary, my paid (non-working) holidays, my healthcare benefits, etc.

Then I remember one job from the past; the catalyst for my entrepreneurial journey.  Perhaps all too familiar for some, years ago I worked for a company that had created a corporate culture of leadership via fear.  Workers in my team were exposed to sexism, racism, and general bullying if they didn’t tow the line.  It astounded me that it still wasn’t the norm, in the UK in the 21stcentury, to find a safe working place where honesty and integrity were valued.

Years later, with my own business built on the mantra that positivity brings productivity, I find myself finally in a position where I can do something about the injustice for workers in situations like my own, or worse.  Thus, I am very proud to announce Digital Willow’s recent international win: the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

The ITF is a global union federation of transport workers’ trade unions, founded in 1896.  The ITF’s mission is to support unions around the world in caring for the social and labour rights of transport workers.  Today they work with over 650 unions to protect a combined workforce of over 19 million workers.

The ITF’s headquarters is located in London. It has offices in Amman, Brussels, Georgetown (Guyana), Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, Ouagadougou, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.

Digital Willow was successful in a competitive pitch of 8 agencies and has been tasked with the ITF’s global remit of:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Goal setting and media planning
  • Growing global share of voice
  • Stakeholder buy-in for communications
  • Global communication guidelines
  • Email and CRM onboarding with regular mail-outs
  • Attending and presenting digital marketing strategies at global conferences on behalf of ITF
  • Content planning and distribution (paid and organic) on key topics
  • Influencer targeting of key politicians and CEOs
  • Ad creation of HTML5 banners, social ads, and video
  • Regular monitoring and reporting
  • Reviews and Recommendations marketing

Working with a digital media and marketing company like Digital Willow is new territory for the ITF. It is a very progressive step towards delivering a cutting edge digital communications plan.

“The ITF are delighted to be working with Digital Willow as we look at new ways to Innovate our messages, influence society and inspire workers to join our global union movement. We believe that our new relationship with Digital Willow will be an integral part of achieving that aim.”

Rob Johnston, Assistant General Secretary, International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)