Get your company the conversions it deserves.

We’ve put together a guide on how and why optimising your landing page can lead to higher conversion rates and to generating more sales.

Getting a customer’s attention is hard, but holding it is harder.  Today, we outline 5 simple steps that provide you with the ideal template for a top-performing landing page. Although you can (and should) optimise these pages for desktop, it is important to remember that most traffic these days comes from people accessing content on their mobile phones, meaning, think mobile-first in your design.

1. A clear and benefit-driven headline that immediately grabs the attention of your intended audience and draws them into investigating the rest of the landing page.

2. You must have a clear and catchy motto that succinctly conveys the problem you are solving and the benefits you are providing.

One common mistake made by webpage designers is to create a landing page that is near identical to the company’s homepage. Be clear to differentiate between these two; the landing page should drive the customer into making a Call To Action (CTA) and their attention should not be drawn away from this sole purpose.

3. Below or beside your motto, be sure to include a brief paragraph that immediately recognises and outlines the problem you are solving in greater detail whilst keeping the copy short and to the point. Following this should be an explanation of what your company can offer to help the customer overcome this issue.

A paragraph such as this should immediately entice the customer and lead them straight to the Call To Action button, which could invite them to ‘Start Free Demo’, for example.

4. The most important element of a landing page is the Call To Action itself. The most common design is to create this in the form of a button and can range from anything such as subscribing to a mailing list (‘Subscribe Now’) to signing up for a trade fair (‘Sign Up Now’).

In many instances, landing pages are designed so that all other menu buttons disappear, leaving only the CTA button available for the user to select. This is another design technique that can help drive up the rate of conversion.

However you choose to design your Call To Action, it must follow one fundamental principle; It must be the most eye-catching feature of the landing page. You can ensure this by:

  • Placing it in an isolated and central area of the page.
  • Making sure it is large enough to stand out from the rest of the text on the page.
  • Experimenting with a colour that is bold and bright.
  • Ensuring that the Call To Action command is as short and simple as possible e.g. ‘Start Free Trial’.

5. A great feature to add to your landing page is a small collection of external reviews. You can hand-pick some of the best reviews you have received online and display these neatly together. Good reviews can make your brand look trustworthy and have been proven to be key to the decision-making of customers.

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