A wrinkled and dusty social media page will not do your brand any favours. Social media is fast paced and constantly evolving.

Not only do savvy consumers pick up on this, but Facebook’s algorithm (and other social media channels) will penalise you if you do not keep your channel up to date.

So, if you haven’t updated your social company pages in a while, we suspect that it uses a service we call a ‘face lift’.

For instance, do you have a video in your header image? Do you have a Facebook bot answering questions about your opening hours or return policy? Is your company information up to date? Are you listed in the correct category for the internet’s librarian to find you?

It only takes a quick email to outsource this to our team and keep your public listings looking good and up to date.   Let us get this job sorted for you.

"The world is only going to continue to get more connected, [meaning…] there are a lot of users to be had yet in the global social media market"

John Darwin, Editor of Social Media Contractors (Global Web Index, 2020)
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