So how can you be in the 3% of successful campaigns?

A key component to successful crowdfunding is to understand what the investors are thinking and what their drivers for investing may be.  If you know what people want, you can make sure your project appeals to them. The best crowdfunding campaigns are those that address concerns that the contributor feels strongly about.

Here are some ways to ensure you get the investor's attention:

Do not underestimate the power of the little things like presentation and the title of your campaign; they are the first thing an investor will notice. Keep your crowdfunding campaign personal.

When launching, consider your communication strategy with investors; how will you find them?  Don't limit yourself to investors only situated in your country.  It may be that another part of the world is more open to your idea.  Consider your plan in advance of how you will keep in regular contact with investors and how you will promptly answer all the questions that will arise.  Your communications strategy should involve high frequency over 6-8 weeks, including regular updates.  To ensure you are in that 3%, start planning early and put a marketing strategy in place weeks before you go live on a crowdfunding platform!  

We hope you have enjoyed our crowdfunding trilogy.  If you would like some support finding investors, boosting your social media profiles and communicating your quest please do get in touch.