This is an important announcement regarding Google advertising costs

On the 1st September, we were advised that Google would be increasing prices, starting 1st November 2020.

Google is claiming it is a result of DST (Digital Service Taxes) which they will be passing on to advertisers at the rate of between 2% – 5% depending on the country.

This is going to affect all adverts served on YouTube, Google Display and Google Ads.

It will be charged on ad impressions or clicks, notably for these countries below:

  • Turkey – 5% Regulatory Operating cost added
  • Austria – 5% DST cost added
  • UK – 2% DST cost added

This news follows tech giant Amazon recently announcing that they would be passing on the 2% tax to sellers on its platform. It is expected that Facebook may follow suit in the coming weeks.

If you would like to discuss reducing your monthly spend to factor in this increased tax please do get in touch.