One of our Founder Amber Williamson’s great joys is passing on some of her knowledge acquired along the way, especially when it comes to this complicated world of Digital Marketing and working with Agencies.

She has developed a digital training course especially designed for publishers called Under the Lid.

Why you need this?

As competition in the marketplace increases, we all need to be working smarter and more effectively. This workshop will have a positive impact on your business success through connecting your team and your agencies tighter than ever before. With a focus on improving relationships and sales in digital media, this workshop will give your teams an insight into agency life like never before and help to embed some new behaviours pertinent to the evolving digital media landscape.

What you get?

A course structure that is tailored to your business, customised through a preliminary survey and interviews with participants.

Two day workshop onsite (off-site also available) 10:00am – 5pm each day, led by a highly experienced international media director and agency owner.

Total confidentiality, an open and honest dialogue/feedback with the participants

A challenging and interactive learning environment with groups of (ideally) 10

An action plan at the end of the 2 days for each participant

A thorough post report for management, including actionable suggestions to propel the team forward

Who should be involved?

  • Sales & amp; account managers, sales support, traffickers, creative solutions teams or data analysts. We cater for experienced sales professionals, right through to beginners.

The course modules: