Have you ever tried or considered telemarketing for your business? Only to find it is a huge disappointment?

We’ve asked many business owners in the B2B sector over the years how they generate leads? Historically speaking it has always been via telemarketing and entering trade shows. Although when you press a little further it always turns out that telemarketing was high spend, low returns.

It’s not uncommon to have spent £15,000 for a 3-month telemarketing campaign in the UK and receive only 1-2 appointments. That is a story we have heard time and time again. That gives you a cost per lead of £7,500! Whoa. We don’t know about you, but this is way too high in our books!

So, what if I told you that through digital marketing with the same budget we could achieve on average 3000% more leads (based off finding B2B leads – using real results from Digital Willow's clients)? That would be 60 appointments for £15,000 – a cost per lead of £250. We guarantee qualified leads too – not every man their dog, but exactly whom you are looking for. Now we are talking.

So how?

We do this by using digital media and useful content to get your audience in the most targeted way possible using data-driven techniques. We can pin-point people's jobs, behaviours, living and work locations, whether they have kids, whether they earn a lot and so much more. Even better than that, we can tell if they are interested in your product.

Perhaps they came to your website but didn’t fill in your 'contact us' form? No worries, we will show them some more content or a new promotion until they do. In fact, our leads are only people that we have driven to your website or social media channels that have asked to be contacted i.e. they have filled in a form.

Money spent / leads = cost per lead

If you can, come and talk to us. Give us a go at reducing that for you… I’ll bet we can! If you can’t, come and talk to us.We can help you put together a workable model that can be optimised over time. You have to start somewhere…. Right?

Working on a cost per lead basis takes the risk out of advertising and makes sure that your business grows. Worth a shot, wouldn’t you say?