If marketing has one goal, it’s to reach potential customers at the moments that most influence their decisions.

The internet, the fragmentation of media and the increase of advertising has made savvy consumers, yet consumers that often overwhelmed by choice. So when your potential customer begins their purchase journey, how do you become the selected brand? Firstly, (as obvious as it may sound) you need a level of brand awareness. If busy people don’t even know who you are, they are less likely to spend time researching a brand they haven’t heard of. It’s just too hard.

If your brand is a slightly more complicated product or service, there is no denying the power of word of mouth - possibly the most influential factors in decision-making. We know ourselves, that it is human nature to ask advice of those we respect and trust.

The power of referrals and recommendations is so strong. “According to Yahoo Small Business Advisor, 70 percent of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase.” 70%!

Amazon, EBay and Trip Advisor are examples of power brands that have grown to global success by utilising crowd-sourced reviews. They have almost become as important (sometimes more so) than asking our friends.

These power channels have things in common; they are online, accessible, they are social, they encourage feedback (good, bad or ugly) and they are easy to use.

How many times have you read questions in your social media feeds from your friends or family asking for input? Here are two we have found, just by doing a quick browse on Facebook.

Stuck at the airport, huge delays due to fog. #bored
Need ideas for Christmas presents. Help!

In fact, social media allows our shrewd team at Digital Willow to find out all sorts of information about consumer preferences and choices, before we have even paid for advertising to communicate with them. For example, we can find out whether they are vegetarian, whether they are an expat, if they travel often and at what stage in their life they are in, like renting or retirement. There are endless possibilities to start meaningful conversations with potential customers, without starting from scratch. The data is at our fingertips.

So if you are wondering how you can shift your product or service from a considered item, into the hands of your customers, we are here to guide and support you. These channels are our top picks for improving consideration and communicating with customers at moments that matter the most in decision making:

  • Social media
  • Amazon, eBay (other shopping forums) online
  • Comparison & review sites
  • Blogs

Digital Willow can help you research these advertising opportunities. We can put together a plan which will involve a blend of content and advertising that will help you push your product or service into the hands of consumers.