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Digital Willow is an international media and marketing consultancy. We work with brands to grow their business by talking to the 'right' consumers at the 'right' time, with the 'right' messages. We specialise in helping professional service businesses generate leads and grow sales through digital marketing.

Digital Willow has tripled in size over the last 18 months as the business continues to win clients who want marketing and digital media solutions that deliver ROI. Digital Willow currently propels clients across over 10 sectors (and growing) including; finance, retail, insurance, FMCG, education, arts & culture, lifestyle, technology, start-ups, gambling & entertainment.

Amber Williamson is the Founder of London-based Growth Marketing Agency, Digital Willow.

She has specialised in marketing for her entire career, with the last 12 years specifically focussing in digital & growth marketing. She has led digital marketing strategies across some incredible multi-national companies including; Microsoft, Burberry, Honda, Cadbury, Mondelez and Exxon to name a few. Furthermore, she has managed marketing budgets of over 200 million and worked across more than 72 countries.

These days Amber spends her time focussed on helping medium-sized professional services businesses grow and flourish. Her company Digital Willow has just reported its best quarter ever, has expanded its offices in London Bridge and has proudly won two professional services clients on long term retainers; The Law Society and 4 Life Insurance.

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